Statistica pratica con R per biologi (R4BS)

Welcome to our online platform.

Welcome inside our online platform! This is the place where you will find introductory and background material for the 2-days live course.

If you already know R a bit you probably will probably find the “R” related lessons too basic. It’s not a problem! Just skip them and follow only the lessons that fit your learning level.
If you do not have any previous experience with R, these lessons should be informative enough without being too difficult: just read them all, follow the links and videos and try to make the suggested exercises.

Following these lessons is not mandatory in order to participate to the 2-days live course. Nevertheless we believe that if you are new to R, reading the lessons and doing the exercises as suggested will help you to better understand and appreciate the course.

The tasks contained in the course online platform serves to guarantee a basic common level of understanding to all participants, and to give you some background information. Some lessons are more important than others, take  a particular care of the following lessons:

  • “Install R and RStudio”
  • “Open an account on”
  • “Assignment & Data Structures”
  • “the R packages”
  • “Learn and practice with Swirl” or “Learn and practice with DataCamp”

You can always see all the availble lessons listed on the left of this page: they are available to logged-in users who purchased the course only. If you registered and purchased the course then you need to prepare for the live classes following the lessons one by one. There are no assignments or quizzes, but try to watch the videos and to read all the suggested materials (link outs or downloadable PDFs). Once you have done it click on the “complete lesson” button at the bottom of each lesson page and your progress will be recorded.

You can also leave a comment at the end of each lesson (if you want). Any comment is welcome, it can be a general comment, a suggestion on some other resource you find online or whatever you want, also a request of help (we are NOT monitoring these comments closely and we are not going to timely respond to them: if you have – serious – problems or questions regarding your participation to the course please use our email

This is everything. So have a good pre-learning.

See you at the LIVE course in a few days!

Your instructors