Introduzione a R per la manipolazione efficace di dati (Intro2R)

Programma del Corso (Intro2R)

“Introduzione alla manipolazione dei dati con R” (Intro2R)

1 week online program

(To be carried on autonomously on your laptop accessing the dedicated account on our online platform. Approximate time needed to complete the online tasks: from 4 to 8 hours TOTAL, depending on skills)

1) A gentle introduction

  • What is R and R environment, R learning
  • R versus Excel
  • Tidy data and the Tidyverse

2) Prepare your computer

  • “R” and “RStudio” installation
  • The R Console

3) The basics

  • Basic R operations
  • The R packages and Repositories
  • Optional interactive tutorials


2-days live course program (in Pero, Milan)

(Each participant needs to bring her/his own laptop. Coffee breaks and light lunches will be served directly at the venue for both days)

Day 1

Morning Session 10.00 – 13.00

Those who encountered serious problems during software installations on own laptops, please arrive by 9.30 am in order to have the proper assistance)

0) Introduction

  • Technical check on personal laptops
  • Welcome address and quick mutual presentations
  • Your path to data freedom. What to expect, what to aim for.

1) The data science environment

  • The grammar of Data Science
  • Why and how to talk to a computer
  • Structure of a command. Functions, attributes

2) The R universe

  • Using the R console with RGUI and RStudio
  • The R syntax. A very quick remind of previous 2 weeks.
  • Objects (and “object oriented”) and evaluation. Data structures.
  • Read data into R. A first practical dataset

Afternoon Session 14.00 – 17.30

3) Tidy and manipulate your data

  • The “Tidyverse” vs base syntax
  • Tools for tidiness: piping commands, summarizing, filtering, merging


Morning Session 9.30 – 12.30

4) Wrap-up and previous day summary

  • What did you learn yesterday? Q&A session

5) Automation and iteration

  • Concepts of control flow
  • “for” loops
  • Conditionals “if-else”

Afternoon Session 13.30 – 16.30

6) Basic data visualizations

  • Basic plotting with R
  • Introducing ggplot2
  • Customize your graphics.
  • Leverage data-viz with ggplot and geom levels

7) Practical take-home messages

  • How to keep learning from here
  • Where to go to consolidate your skills
  • What to do to jump start your skills