Introduzione a R per la manipolazione efficace di dati (Intro2R)

  • 1. Intro2R Infobiology course

    Here you can find the most updated program of the course. Slight modifications can be made without notice: if you have a static (i.e. printed or pdf) version of the program, refer to this online version as the most updated.

  • 2. A gentle introduction

    Introductory and background material on the R environment, course aim, and some data concepts and theory.

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  • 3. Prepare your computer

    Instructions on how to install and approach the software you will need.

    No items in this section
  • 4. Basic R syntax

    The very first basic "how tos" in R

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  • 5. Interactive tutorials

    R methods and data structures: online and offline intractive tutorials

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  • 6. Material used and Resources

    This section contains the files (datasets, scripts and tutorials) that you will need to download during the live course

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