Exome and Clinical NGS (xNGS)

This course has not been activated yet. Activation is forseen for winter 2018

Introductory course on Exome sequencing and NGS in the clinic. As all our courses, xNGS is a practical course designed for life science professional with a special emphasis on clinicians and biologists doing clinical research. To follow the course participants needs to have common skills of computer usage, such as creating and navigating through files and folders and using spreadsheets, and they should be familiar with the basics of molecular biology of mutations and the underlying statistics. The aim of the course is to practically learn how to discover clinically significant variants using exome sequencing data. From raw files to mapping, variant calling and browsing with genome browsers and dedicated software tools. The main steps of the classic analytical pipeline will be addressed: quality checks, filtering, mapping, variant calling, annotation, ranking.

Who this course is for: this course is aimed at biologists, physicians, clinical and life science professionals without a background in data analysis working or 1) willing to directly work with exome sequencing, DNAseq gene panels and 2) willing to learn how to discover new variants, annotate existing ones, filter and compare family genomes.

The course is a mix of theory and practice: participants are required to bring their own laptop computer.

The “Exome seq and Clinical NGS” will be activated as a weekend course during autumn/winter 2018 (October-November). Lunches  and coffee-breaks during the 2 classroom days are included in the participation fee. The fee DOES NOT include travel and hotel expenses.