Bioinformatics Training & Courses

for non-bioinformaticians


R-scripting // Functional Genomics // RNAseq // Exome // Biostatistics // Data display

Biologists, clinicians, technicians, life science professionals

Biology and clinical sciences are becoming data-driven: are you ready? We know how to help.
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Two training tracks:
3 courses focused on the use of R and 2 courses on NGS

A road to enlightenment

The key to your success on the road of data enlightenment is to acquire the correct vocabulary, the mind set and methods. We work closely with you to lead the way.

For non-bioinformaticians

We organize practical courses for life science professionals with no or little computer background. We assist them on the road of data savviness needed to thrive in nowadays biological and clinical sciences

For bioinformaticians

We build a community of bio-data practitioners organizing informal free meetups and brainstorming events. We love to learn from each other and share know-how to build value around our bio data analysts role

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Al via “Milano Bioinformatics”

Al via “Milano Bioinformatics”

Manca poco al primo meetup di "Milano Bioinformatics", l'evento gratuito riservato a bioinformatici, biologi computazionali, informatici, ingengneri e sviluppatori interessati…

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Nuovi corsi 2018

Nuovi corsi 2018

Nel 2018  attiveremo due linee di training: una incentrata sull'utilizzo di R e la seconda su NGS. La linea di…

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Master bioinformatica

Master bioinformatica

Ci fa piacere mettere in evidenza che l'Università degli Studi di Milano, in collaborazione con INGM, Istituto Nazionale di Genetica…

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Infobiology and Euroclone are partners in Bioinformatics training

Infobiology courses are rigorous, up to date, and highly practical: they are organized by bioinformatics and data science professionals for life science professionals willing to learn by doing.

The Infobiology Team works with Euroclone Spa to deliver the best and most effective learning experience possible.

Bioinformaticians, computational biologists, bio engineers

Do you want to contribute? Work with us! Contact us to participate to our free brainstorming meetups

Infobiology: what is it?

Biology, as any science, is constantly evolving, and for a good part it is consistently transforming itself into “infobiology”, a discipline that studies life in an increasingly quantitative way, generating data and treating them computationally.

Infobiology is bioinformatics from a biologist’s perspective. is our own professional experience turned into innovative bioinformatics training.

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