Who we are

We are researchers and analysts. Our backgrounds span from molecular biology and bioinformatics to biostatistics and engineering and we work in the top italian research institutions and universities. We know the problems of scientific research, because we directly face them every day; we are able to spot them and sometimes to prevent them.

We know that biology and biomedical sciences have been radically transformed by the waves of data and quantitative information; we noticed that most of life science professionals, bench lab operatives, often are not able to efficiently swim through these new data lakes.

“If you can’t afford bioinformatics you can’t afford your sequencing experiment”
Stephen Turner, @stntr

What we do

We work on many different biologial and medical problems. We routinely deal with transcriptomincs and genomics analyses; we use uni and multivariate methods looking for patterns and correlations into the data. We try to visualize data as best as possible, to eventually comunicate their content in a clear way.

To keep doing this we never stop challenging ourselves, studying and learning: and teaching others what we know is the best way to learn it deeply.
We thus truly believe in scientific communication and quality training both for professional roadmaps (our pay courses for non bioinformaticians) and for lifelong learning (our free meetups for bioinformaticians).