FunGR: Functional Genomics in R

Introductory course on methods in functional interpretation of genomics data. The course is highly practical and designed for life science professional (biologists, technicians, clinicians, researchers) and previous bioinformatics experience is not required. Participants should have the normal skills of computer usage, such as creating and navigating through files and folders, using spreadsheets and word processors and be familiar with the most common genomics techniques such as RTqPCR, microarrays, sequencing, at least from an experimental design perspective. The course will introduce them to the use of the specific and advanced methods to extract functional and biological knowledge from omics data. Ranking and enrichment methods, gene ontologies, cross annotations, GSEA and/or WGCNA, interaction network and systems biology methods. Specific R packages will be used and a basic introduction to R usage will be also given for those who need it. Other software such as Cytoscape and its plugins will be used beside R. Real working life cases will be used as practical examples throughout the lessons.

This course will be useful for all researchers or life science professionals willing to exploit and better understand their biological data, as well as in need to communicate with their fellow bioinformaticians more efficiently.