Functional Genomics with R (FunGR)

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Aim of the course: learn the methods ad tools to perform downstream analyses of gene lists, and to extract biological knowledge from omics results. Practice on gene ontology (GO) enrichment, Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA), Pathway Impact analysis and gene network analysis. No background knowledge is needed to take this course, just a basic computer literacy and the will to learn. A basic knowledge of R will help but is not strictly required (you will be required to access our reserved on-line platform during the two weeks preceding the course to complete a few tasks and quizzes in order to be ready for the two-day live course).

What you will learn

  • Annotations and DBqueries: the basics of genomics annotation databases with R
  • Functional enrichment: how to extract biological meaning from gene lists with over representation analyses (Gene Ontology)
  • Impact analysis: how to use impact pathway analysis such as SPIA with R
  • Specific R Packages: which R packages to use for GO, KEGG, Reactome and similar
  • GSEA: gene set enrichment analysis
  • Plotting: how to plot results from your functional analyses

Who this course is for

This is an introductory course for BIOLOGISTS, CLINICIANS, TECHNICIANS clinical and life science PROFESSIONALS without a background in data analysis who need to apply fucntional genomics techniques to their data produced by omics methods such as RTqPCR, microarrays, sequencing experiments. This course is the beginning of an enlightenment journey for all those who want to begin making sense and put into biological context omics data, extracting meaning from them.

How the course is organized

The course is offered in two phases:

  • First, a preparatory on line session (two weeks) to prepare yourself with readings, videos and a few exercises
  • Then, a live weekend session (two full days, saturday-sunday) in classroom for a maximum of 25 participants

The course is a mix of theory and practice: participants are required to bring their own laptop computer to the weekend live session. Lunches  and coffee-breaks during the 2 classroom days are included in the participation fee. The fee DOES NOT include travel and hotel expenses.

The live session of the “FunGR” course will be held during a weekend (saturday & sunday) in the late autumn 2018 (exact date to be set). The 2-days course is preceded by a preparatory online course (mandatory) that will be served throught our online platform during the preceding two weeks.

For a preview of detailed program (draft) see “Curriculum” on top of this page.

All prices are VAT exempt (IVA esclusa).


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