R for Biomedical Statistics (R4BS)

This course has not been activated yet. Activation is forseen for autumn 2018

Intermediate course on data analysis with a special focus on statistics for life sciences. The course is highly practical and designed for life science professional (biologists, technicians, clinicians, researchers) with little analytical experience: participants should be at ease with the basics of using the scripting software/language R beside having all normal skills of computer usage, such as creating and navigating through files and folders, using spreadsheets and word processors (to those not familiar with R we suggest to tale our basic R4BM course first). This course will introduce them to the theory and practice of basic to advanced statistical methods used for biomedical data. Distributions, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing; linear and nonlinear model fitting, correlation; machine learning basics with discriminatory analysis, PCA and clustering; ROC and survival curves, digital biomarkers, Bayesian inference and simulation methods. The statistical scripting software “R” with “Rstudio”, along with a number of specific R packages to perform data analysis will be used.

This course will be useful for all those who want 1) to be more productive and independent with their data analyses; 2) to deeper explore the structure of data, data types, or simply 3) being able to communicate with their fellow biostatistician more efficiently.