R for Biological data Manipulation (R4BM)

Registratons for this course are now closed. A new session will be offered during winter 2018-2019

Introductory  course (no previous experience required) on data manipulation focused on life science data (biological data, gene expression, clinical data and similar). The course is highly practical and designed for life science professional (biologists, technicians, clinicians, researchers) with no previous bioinformatics experience. Participants should have the normal skills of computer usage, such as creating and navigating through files and folders, using spreadsheets and word processors; the course will introduce them to the use of the scripting language “R” with “Rstudio”, as long as a number of specific R packages to perform data cleaning, wrangling and reshaping. Basics of data visualization with “ggplot2” and biological gene list annotation will complete the curriculum. Real working life cases will be used as practical examples throughout the lessons.
This course will be useful for all those are in need of the basic semantics of data science because: 1) they are looking for an efficient introduction to R in order to acquire knowledge useful for more advanced R courses; 2) they need to communicate with their fellow bioinformaticians more efficiently; 3) they want to take the road of “data enlightenment” and start a shift in career focusing on data analysis.

Note: even if this course is a basic-R course with biological data examples, its learning outcome can be applied to any domain (finance, banking, social sciences, general data manipulation): so anyone interested in a practical introduction to the use of R for data manipulation is encouraged to participate.